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Dr Zachary Smith is the main antagonist of Lost In Space.

He is portrayed by Gary Oldman.

Lost In Space

In the movie, he gets betrayed by his organization and is left on the ship he was sent to kill. Then he wakes the Robinsons up from their rest and the ship is unfree by the pulling of the sun. When they use the hyperdrive and get lost in the galaxy, they come across really old ships, which 1 of the ships has spiderlike creatures that cut and hurt Dr. Smith. Later Dr. Smith uses Will Robinson, hero and son of Professor John Robinson, to escape and then turns on him.

Dr. Smith almost kills Future Will Robinson, but is knocked unconscious by his future self, Spider Smith, who has become a mutated monster from the spider attack. Towards the end of the movie he is knocked unconscious again but this time by Major West and it's unknown what happens to Dr. Smith.