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Dr Gero is one of the tertiary antagonists of the Dragon Ball Z series, along with Nappa, Captain Ginyu and Garlic Jr. is an evil genius and a brilliant weapons designer behind the criminal organization known as the Red Ribbon Army, and he is one of Goku's arch enemies. As an android, he can drain energy from people through a device on his hand.

Dragon ball Z

Dr. Gero sought revenge on Goku, so he studied Goku and all his fights on Earth, including his fight with Nappa and Vegeta. He built androids with as much power as an army so they could defeat Goku. It is said by Trunks that the androids killed Dr. Gero when they awakened (as this was what happened in his timeline). However, this did not immediately happen, as Dr. Gero awakened Android 19, who made him into Android 20. They attacked a city where Goku and the other Z Fighters (minus Vegeta and Chiaotzu) were waiting for them. Android 20 destroyed a city to prevent the people from getting in the way of their fight. In a deserted area, 20 sent 19 after Goku, who then became crippled with a heart virus, and was forced to leave with Yamcha.

Android 20 aka Dr. Gero, awakens his two greatest creations, Androids 17 and 18 After Vegeta arrived and destroyed 19, 20 ran, deciding to steal energy from the other Z Fighters so he would be strong enough to defeat Vegeta. He targeted Piccolo first, but Gohan stopped him, and Piccolo beat up 20, cutting off his hand. However, Trunks showed up and revealed that 19 and 20 were not the androids from his timeline, but 17 and 18 were. 20 retreated to his lab, but attacked a man along the way who shot at him mistaking him for a deer, leading Kuririn to fight him. They followed him to his lab where he awakened 17 and 18, who disliked being controlled and took his remote and crushed it. 20 tried to stop 17 and 18 awakening Android 16, saying it was too dangerous to awaken him, Dr. Gero starts yelling at 18 "DO NOT RELEASE 16!!!", but 17 impaled him with his hand surprising everyone, and kicked his head off. He survived, so 17 stomped on his head, crushing it.

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