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Dr Ivo Robotnik is the main antagonist of the Sonic The Hedgehog live action film series. He is a brilliant yet unstable and narcissistic roboticist who is hired by the government to capture Sonic, although later plans to take Sonic's powers for himself in order to conquer the world. He is the film's adaptation of Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik from the cartoons.

He is portrayed by Jim Carrey, who also played The Riddler, Cable Guy, The Grinch and Count Olaf.


From the governments description of Robotnik, he is described to be insanely over the top and weird to socialize with, which is why they were so hesitant to use him for getting the job done, but the truth of the matter was Robotnik is an egotistical, self-absorbed, and narcissistic man, who views the idea of having friends to be irrelevant to him and does not like having his authority questioned or challenged in any shape or way. Similar as to how outrageous of a personality his Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog self may be, Dr. Robotnik can get into the zone of his own over the top behavior in having a lot of fun with himself, in doing all sorts of stunts and dancing when creating his prototypes and inventions. 


Robotnik is a tall, lean, slick man with a full head of chocolate brown hair in an undercut style, he also has a large elegant mustache and fair skin. Throughout most of the film, he wears a long black trenchcoat and an all black suit, black boots and specially modified gloves. Later on, he ditches the trenchcoat instead for a red waist length jacket with black and brown accents as well as spandex leggings, he also wears goggles with this outfit.

Later, while trapped on the Mushroom Planet, Robotnik is shown to have shaven off his hair while his clothes are rendered tattered and his mustache has grown wildly out of control. It's unknown if he will become fat like his cartoon counterpart.