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Don Price is a villain in the 2003 film Big Fish. He is a childhood frenemy of the hero, Edward Bloom. He swears, even in the presence of a girl.

Don dares Edward (in response to Edward's determination) to get the Witch's glass eye. Actually, he doesn't; instead, she simply shows them visions predicting their future deaths in it.

Much later, as an adult, Don Price is engaged to a woman named Sandra Templeton. He chews out Edward for being with her, as she is "his" (Don's). When Edward says he wasn't aware that she belonged to someone else, Don punches him in the face. Don gives him all of the beatings, as Edward, having promised Sandra not to hurt Don, refuses to fight back. Don continues to beat Edward, prompting Sandra to call off the engagement, much to his wrath. He beats Edward up one last time and takes the ring he had given to her.

Eventually, though this was revealed before Sandra refused to marry him, Don, despite having technically won the battle, is defeated as he dies of a heart attack while sitting on a toilet seat.