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Dodoria is one of Frieza's henchmen, and his second strongest commander. He is pink, spiked, fat and ugly,The Tertiary Antagonist of Bardock,Father of Goku,An Supporting antagonist of the Namek Saga,and minor antagonist of the GT Series.

Dragon Ball Z

Dodoria and Zarbon accompanied Frieza to Planet Namek during Frieza's quest to find the seven Dragonballs and wish for immortality. Unlike Zarbon's, his newer scouter didn't break at Vegeta's power level. On the fifth Namek village Frieza invaded, three Nameks disposed of most of Frieza's henchmen, so Dodoria stepped up to fight them. Before he could, however, Moori, the village elder, destroyed Dodoria's scouter along with any other scouters, but Frieza could not find the Dragonballs. Dodoria angrily went after Moori to rip him to pieces in revenge, but Frieza ordered him to kill the young three Nameks first. After easily defeating them, Dodoria killed one of the Namek boys Cargo with a breath blast over Moori's shoulder (in the original dub, he seems to forget this, saying "your brother may have escaped, but not you!").

After beating Moori to death, Dodoria tried to kill Dende, the other Namek boy, but Gohan and Kuririn attacked him and escaped with Dende. Dodoria chased after them, but was eventually stalled when Kuririn used Taiyoken to temporarily blind him. Dodoria blasted the area once regaining his eyesight, and, thinking he had killed them (when in reality they avoided the blast), Dodoria attempted to get back to Frieza. However, he was attacked by Vegeta. They fought, and soon it was clear Vegeta had the advantage, so Dodoria bargained for his release by telling Vegeta a secret about his home planet, Planet Vegeta: that it was destroyed by Frieza and not a meteor. Vegeta did not keep his end of the bargain, and as Dodoria tried to escape, Vegeta destroyed him with an energy wave.

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