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Well. Look at the hero. You thought you could come into my den! Now, why don't you lay there and watch while we eat your friends? (Chuckles evilly)
~ Dag to Otis

Dag is the main antagonist of Barnyard. He is the arch-nemesis of Otis and the leader and boss of the coyotes.



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In Barnyard

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  • Dag is similar to Scar: Both have killed a clan leader that happened to be the protagonist's father. They also both knew said leader from the past and they have a scar on their eye. As well, they did the same thing to the protagonist that they have to kill their fathers. They are also complete monsters, cowards, and are rather scrawny, compared to the other characters in their films; they are both leaders of packs and were told by the protagonist to never return after being defeated by them.
  • Dag looks similar to Wile E. Coyote.
  • At one point in the film, Dag mentions that his favorite part of the chicken is the skin.
  • His alias "Lady Killer" is a reference to Ted Bundy.
  • Despite "Dag" being a Scandinavian name, Slavic countries (including Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Poland) might fit him better.


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