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Commander Red is one of the secondary antagonists of the Dragon Ball series, along with General White, Tenshinhan and Tambourine. He is the leader of the Red Ribbon Army and plots to use the Dragon Balls to become taller.

Dragon Ball

Coming from a wealthy family, Red had a complex of inferiority because of him being a midget. He was always picked on when a kid, and the girls disliked him, and because of this he always hated hanging around people taller than him. Since young, he decided he would find the Dragon Balls and wish to Shenron to become taller. Using his vast resources, he built a military-styled crime organization called the Red Ribbon Army, complete with skilled soldiers, advanced armament and technology.

Everyone believed he wanted the Dragon Balls to conquer the world, especially his right-hand Adjudant Black. He commanded his soldiers from his headquarters, while they were searching for the balls. However, things didn't go as he planned, as Goku started to beat all of his officers to retrieve the Dragon Balls, since he was looking for the four-star ball. When things got out of control, he hired Tao Pai Pai to kill Goku, but even him was defeated. In order to retrieve the remaining balls, Goku attacked the Red Ribbon HQ in a frontal assault.

Desperately, with the Red Ribbon falling completely, Red accidentally reveals to Black his true intentions, that he wanted to become taller and that world domination was just a matter of time.

Black gets furious with Red and processed to shoot him in the head, killing him and assuming control of the fallen organization.