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Colonel Giggle Cheeks is an animal character in the series WordGirl. He is Miss Power's

Giggle cheeks.png

animal assistant, and has so far only been featured in the episode "The Rise of Miss Power".


Colonel Giggle Cheeks' species is never stated in the show. He appears to be a marmoset-esque primate or small mammal, with orange fur, a cream belly and muzzle, large eyes, and a hairless tail. He wears a blue hat and a blue belt.


Coronel Giggle Cheeks has several very unique abilities.

Like Captain Huggyface, Giggle Cheeks has enhanced intelligence for an animal, and also like the former, is capable of piloting a rocket ship. Another similar thing to Huggy is that they both like to eat a lot.

More notably, however, Giggle Cheeks has the unusual power to stretch and contort his limbs - appopriate for an alien mammal.