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And we shall cut away the canker that infects us until only those of the true blood remain!
~ Lord Voldemort, talking to his Death Eaters about exterminating all Muggle-borns.

 Genocidal Villains are a step between your average Mass-Murderer and the Omnicidal Maniac - they are often Xenophobic as well and seek to exterminate an entire race or species (often so as to further their own race / species power, though some may do so out of religious fanaticism or some insidious political goal). Genocide has long been considered a violation of not just international law but also basic humanity, making those guilty of participating in such acts extremely difficult to redeem - though some may be praised by the intolerant or misguided, though they may not always be aware of how far the villain is willing to go in their quest to "cure" "purify" or otherwise "fix" the world.

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