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Captain Frye is the main antagonist of The Rock. He is one of General Hummel's soldiers who went rogue and killed his commander in order to get $100 million from the U.S. government by launching VX poisonous gas rockets on San Francisco (which Hummel never did) and made him get angry and kill him.


Military Career and Becoming Greedy

When Hummel arrived together with the team, they actually took over the entire island and he became greedy because their "mission" was to destroy the entire city of San Francisco, but if the US government gives them $100 million in cash, the destruction will not be happening.

Betrayal and Killing Gen. Hummel

The operation of Alcatraz is his first mission with Hummel along with Captain Darrow. His psychopathic tendencies are first seen when he is massacring an entire SEAL team sent to recapture Alcatraz from Hummel's gang (with Frye smiling gruesomely the whole time), despite Hummel's desperate order for them to stop. (It's possible that a deleted scene Involving him, Darrow and Sergeant Crisp might have revealed a plan to kill Hummel as soon as the cash arrived but that's probably not what the films director Michael Bay wanted.)

Final Confrontation with Goodspeed and Death

When one of the VX missiles flies off course, he is very mad with Hummel, as the general did not have it in him to harm innocent civilians. Instead of taking four hostages then evacuating, he and Darrow decide to go ahead with the VX launch anyway, killing Hummel in the process. Later, with Darrow not reporting back (because he was killed By Goodspeed), Frye - unaware that the last missile had been rendered harmless and disposed of, or simply not caring - takes matters into his own hands to kill Stanley Goodspeed. A confrontation ensures between the two in which Frye gets the upper hand, but then Stanley manages to force a VX gas into Frye's mouth and makes him bite down by uppercutting him. This causes Frye to endure a very painful death.