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Background information
Feature films Jaws
Television programs
Video games Shark Jaws
Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure
Park attractions Jaws (ride)
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards 18th place in AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villains
Character information
Full name Bruce
Other names Jaws
The Shark
Personality Hungry, carnivorous
Appearance Giant 25ft Great White Shark with black eyes
Occupation Unknown
Goal To eat everything in his path (failed)
Home Ocean
Enemies Chief Brody, Sam Quint, Matt Hooper, Michael Brody
Likes Eating everything in his way
Dislikes When its food is out of the Ocean
Powers and abilities
Weapons Teeth, Jaws
Fate Shot and exploded with a M1 Garand by Chief Martin Brody

Bruce the Shark is the titular primary antagonist of the 1974 best-selling novel Jaws by Peter Benchley, and its 1975 critically-acclaimed summer blockbuster adaption of the same name directed by Steven Spielberg. He is a 25 foot long, 3 ton Great White Shark who kills anything by eating, because of the hunger drains too quickly, it cannot stop eating because of it's intention to survive in the marine environment.


Bruce is a giant Great white shark (scientifically called Carcharodon carcharias) who eats anything in his path. In the book, Bruce is 20 feet (6 meters) long while in the film, Hooper estimated Bruce to be 20 feet (6 meters), but Quint estimated Bruce's length to be at 25 feet (7.6 meters), and weighing 2.7 metric tons (3 short tons).


First Attacks and the Bounty

One night in Amity Island, a bunch of college and high school students are having a beach party, where a girl named Chrissie Watkins and a guy named Tom Cassidy share eye contact. Chrissie decides to go skinny dipping in the ocean, but Tom passes out due to drinking. "More coming soon".

Finding the shark's tooth and Fourth of July

"Coming soon".


"Coming soon".


"Coming soon".

Final Battle

"Coming soon".



  • 1: Chrissie Watkins
  • 2: Pippin (dog)
  • 3: Alex Kintner
  • 4: Ben Gardner
  • 5: Estuary Lifeguard
  • 6: Captain Quint

Jaws (Novel)

  • 1: Christie Watkins
  • 2: Alex Kintner
  • 3: An elderly bather
  • 4: Ben Gardner
  • 5: Matt Hooper
  • 6: Captain Quint

Appearances in other media

  • The Shark appears in numerous episodes of Family Guy.
    • In the episode, The Father, the Son and the Holy Fonz, he stars in Jaws V: Fire Island.


  • Bruce is the only animal character (in fact, the only villain not portrayed by a human being) to occupy any slot in the Villains' half of "AFI's 100 Years... Heroes and Villains".
  • It is unknown why Jaws only attacks humans, especially in the second to fourth films.
  • Bruce was named after Spielberg's lawyer, Bruce Raymor.
  • The great white shark from Finding Nemo, was named Bruce after this shark.