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Roman Sionis a.k.a Black Mask is the main antagonist of the film Birds Of Prey. He is a powerful Gotham City crime lord, the owner of the Black Mask Club, and the boss of Victor Zsasz, who seeks to take control over all of Gotham by acquiring the Bertinelli fortune.

He is portrayed by Ewan McGregor.

Birds Of Prey

Roman Sionis was first seen in the movie at his club where he tries to convince a Chinese mob boss to join his criminal empire only to be shut down. He draws the attention of Harley Quinn, who just broke his driver and bodyguard's legs.

He asks her if she is having a good time and if her boyfriend, the Joker, will be joining them. She replies that Joker has some business to take care of and she will be leaving soon. Before leaving he says to her that he sends his regards. Unbeknownst to him and everybody in Gotham, The Joker and Harley broke up.

The next day, he watches Dinah Lance (Black Canary), his club's featured singer, defending an unconscious Harley from two rapists. He is so impressed by Dinah's fighting skills that he decides to promote her to be his new personal bodyguard and driver so he sends his right-hand man Victor Zsasz to pick her up and tell her the news.

The same day, he goes to a warehouse where he holds a Chinese mob boss, along with the man's wife and daughter, captive. He decides to send a message to all criminals in Gotham who don't work for him of what could happen if they refuse to join him so he orders Victor Zsasz to brutally murder the mob boss, and to kill his wife and daughter.

After this, he goes outside the warehouse and orders Dinah to drive him to his club the same day he with the help of his connectios discover the location of the bertinelli diamond wich inside has a code to access the bertinelli fortune which is was bigger than wayne fortune roman plans to use the fortune of the bertinelli to bribe every cop and politician in gotham and also create the biggest criminal empire in the history of gotham and take control over the city and also overcome his rival in the underworld the joker but cassandra cain an orpahn girl steals the diamond from victor when he and dinah go to pick the diamond in one of the banks under black mask control when he finds this he went into a rage attack until victor come with a plan to calm him down he tell roman the news about the joker and harley broke up and she dont have the protection of the joker anymore so roman use this to take revenge against harley for all the trouble she give him in his club in the past so he sends his men to find her and bringing to him.

He was killed when Cass plants a grenade on him and when Harley Quinn throws him off a pier, as Sionis screams before being blown to bits.