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Billy Lenz
Background information
Feature films Black Christmas (1974)
Black Christmas (2006)
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Nick Mancuso
Bob Clark (Shadow)
Robert Mann (in the remake)
Cainan Wiebe (as a child in the remake)
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Billy Lenz
Other names Billy Lenz, Billy, The Sorority House Killer, The Moaner, The Caller
Personality Murderous, vengeful, greedy, sociopath, psychopath
Appearance A man with brown hair and brown eyes
Occupation Serial Killer
Goal Kill everyone in the sorority house
Relatives Constance Lenz (mother; deceased)
Franklin "Frank" Lenz (father; deceased)
Billy's Stepfather (Stepfather; deceased)
Agnes Lenz (sister/daughter; deceased)
Powers and abilities
Quote "I'm going to kill you."

Billy Lenz, is the main antagonist of the 1974 horror movie Black Christmas, as well as its remake (in which he earned his second name) - he was a deranged serial-killer who managed to escape a mental asylum while his half-sister/daughter Agnes (when Billy's mom raped him) started killing the girls in sorority house which was his old childhood home. He is portrayed by Nick Mancuso in the original and by actor Robert Mann in the remake.


1974 Movie

Billy's eye close up.

From the movies not much is known about billy, this was purposeful to keep the mystery and the suspense alive. Going as far to never include who plays billy because he was played by several people in actuality but Bob admitted years later he forgot who all plays billy but Nick was the only confirmed one. The man that played Peter was rumored to play billy in a few scenes but he says he never did in a interview.

From the phone calls, the audience discovers that the man's name is Billy, and he obviously is mentally unstable. Billy routinely repeats phrases over the phone that gives hints to his identity. It is assumed that he sexually abused his younger sister Agnes. And his parents abused him regularly.

Billy goes on a killing spree killing the girls in a delusional rampage. He attempts to kill a girl named Jess but she manages to lock herself in the cellar. Her boyfriend Peter gains access to the cellar and believing he is the killer making the phone calls, ends up bludgeoning him to death in "self defense" and she is later discovered by the police, making them believe Peter must have been the killer all along.

The police leave Jess to sleep and leave, while one cop waits outside for forensics to arrive. However the camera pans into the attic where the two bodies of Billy's victims are still there, and he can be heard saying "Agnes, it's me Billy"; the telephone then rings. The ultimate fate of Jess is left ambiguous to the audience.

2006 Remake

Billy from the 2006 remake

Much more information is giving about Billy's back story in the remake. It's revealed that he has a rare liver disease that gives him jaundice. His mother and father hate each other, but his father cares about his son while his mother hates Billy for reminding her of her husband.

One Christmas, Billy's mother and her boyfriend murder Billy's father. They then bury the body under the house and lock Billy in the attic.

Billy never leaves the attic and makes it his home. When Billy is twelve, his mother rapes him, and becomes pregnant with his sister/daughter. She names her Agnes.

Billy’s backstory

Billy had a rough childhood. Starting with being forced into his room for many hours, in fact most of his childhood was spent in his room. His room being the attic. He would be verbally abused by his mother and physically abused by his father. The abuse he had suffered caused him to heavily dissociate to cope. One day his mother went up to his room where she proceeded to rape him. His mother would continue to carry his baby until she gave birth. The abuse only became worse, and the isolation and neglect caused him to become worse mentally. He would have fits of rage when he would enter these dissociative states, throwing things around the attic, ending the episodes with sobbing into his mattress on the floor. He had no outlet, he was completely isolated from the world, he’d never even gone to school. Between his mother screaming at him things like “Dirty!” “Nasty!”, and his father “whipping” him, he’d soon snap. And he did on Christmas Eve of the year Agnes turned a few years old..

That Christmas in a dissociative rage, billy sneaked down into Agnes’ room where he sexually assaulted her, Agnes screamed and billy begged her to stop and to not tell. But it was too late, he heard his mothers frantic footsteps. In fear he smothered Agnes with her pillow, killing her. His mother cried and tried to attack billy but he ran to the kitchen where he grabbed a knife and stabbed her. Billy’s father was out at work at the time, saving his life. When billy came back he’d realized what he’d done. He went into agnes’s room and rocked her, singing a lullaby. He then walked into the kitchen where the phone was and called the police. He was so scared and shaky his confession came out as disturbed mumbles and cries. When the police had gotten there they found billy still cradling Agnes’s body singing to her. They realized billy was mentally unstable so they took him to a mental hospital where he would stay until he broke out in 1974.


peter and billy are not the same person but due to the trauma billy had experienced at such a young age, I think he had developed Dissociative Identity Disorder. Peter is everything billy isn’t, he is completely normal. He doesn’t appear to have any sort of mental illness, maybe a bit of an anger issue but like that’s everyone. I think whilst billy was up in that attic he craved for any sense of normalcy, and so his brain split off Peter to be like the quote unquote “normal one”. And I think the piano playing in Christmas songs is why Peter plays piano, billy was like “wtf is normal to do? Piano? Piano.” I mean it’s hinted billy and Peter are the same person the whole time. So they are but also aren’t in my mind. Anyways another thing that comes into question with this is “hey what about the ending where billy is in the attic talking to himself again?” WELL TIME FOR SOME FACTS ! When the brain goes something extremely traumatic, it puts processing the memory on the back burner and with focus on getting adrenaline out so you can get out of that situation. When the brain realizes u are out of that situation it will begin to process the memory, thus making a flashback occur. I think Jess while she was in the coma, she started having a flashback in the form of a dream which is a very common thing and billy talking and calling was just a flashback!

I think it’s fun to realize small details only further hinting to Peter and billy at least sharing a body. Peter living in the dorm/conservatory and never talking about family, peters neurotic side (probably billy kinda like co fronting) showing through. If you really sit and analyze it from the DID approach you realize a lot of cool stuff like, perhaps billy was frustrated that Peter didn’t play the piano and disappointed those guys and that was his only chance of true normalcy so he got mad and smashed the piano. Idk I find it interesting



  • After seeing the end of the film, studio executives asked director Bob Clark to change the ending. The proposed idea was to have the cops leaving Jess along with Chris, Claire's boyfriend. She wakes up and he says "Agnes, don't tell them what we did." Then he kills her. However, Clark refused and insisted that the ending be ambiguous.
  • billy was inspired by the lipstick killer and a boy in Canada that murdered his mother close to where one of the directors lived pretty sure
  • billy has autism
  • he is extremely sensitive to insults, they cause him to go into a murderous rage
  • he likes Claude and even got so attached he mimicked his meows in a call
  • He is extremely socially awkward
  • he wanted to be friends with Jess, in fact he never wanted to kill any of them. Only reason he started killing was billy confused Claire talking to Claude, as her talking to him, causing him to freak out and suffocate her.
  • his first call was a joke, he doesn’t know how to be friends with anyone or anything like that so he listened to what they talked about. To no surprise they talked a lot about sex. So when he called to try to befriend them he tried to adopt their humor only for it to sound extremely creepy.
  • Billy’s calls are cries for help and relivings of his trauma. To him if he confesses then he won’t be dirty anymore, but his confessions are jumbled and terrified screaming and moans because when he kills he gets flashbacks to killing his family, and the abuse he suffered.
  • in the sorority house, he slept on a bare dirty mattress
  • billy doesn’t like talking on the phone but does so because facing them is too scary but he needs to confess to feel less dirty
  • his dads name is Bruce