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Billy Flynn is the main antagonist of Chicago.

He is portrayed by Richard Gere.


He is a heavily corrupt lawyer and after Roxie murdered her lover Fred Casely, whom she was committing adultery with, and after Roxie heard about what Billy Flynn did for another murderess, the infamous Velma Kelly, he became her lawyer. Despite representing her he has little regard or concern for her well-being or for that matter the well-being of any of his clients, and makes it abundantly clear that he is doing it only for the money. He shows signs that he would eagerly abandon his clients for a richer, more famous one if he had the chance. He also has no shame about manipulating Roxie's innocent husband Amos and making him the media scapegoat for Roxie's crimes. In the end he manages to get Roxie acquitted, largely on the account of turning the trial into a media circus. Afterwards he happily leaves Roxie to fend for herself, again showing that he never cared about her in the slightest.