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Big Black Jack Latimore is one of the secondary antagonists of Norbit. He is Rasputia, Blue, and Earl's older brother and one of Rasputia's henchmen.



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In Norbit

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Jack is a mean and brute bully. He is also quite protective of Rasputia as when she and Norbit got married, he threatened Norbit that if he ever hurts her in any way, he will come at him with razor blades and lemon juice. He is very loyal to his sister in their crimes, acting as her second-in-command.


  • Big Black Jack is sometimes thought to be the one of the tertiary antagonists of the film. This is not true as he and his brothers were Rasputia's henchmen, as well as enforcers.
  • Due to being the leader of the Latimore Brothers, Jack was in a Big Bad Duumvirate with Rasputia. However, Rasputia was the true main villain because she was the mastermind behind the orphanage plot in the first place and Jack was simply carrying out the plot.


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