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"So, I guess now this brings us full circle, ambition and limitation!".
~ Bejo's introduction of the film as he witnesses the execution of Andi, the brother of the film's protagonist Rama.

Bejo is the main antagonist of 2014 Indonesian martial arts film, The Raid 2: Berandal, the sequel of The Raid: Redemption. he was the crime boss and the restauteur who owns a restaurant in Jakarta.


The Raid 2: Berandal

Bejo is nothing more but an ambitious crime boss from Jakarta who would become one of the city's most notorious gangland figures - rivaling himself with the city's gangland kingpin Bangun and fellow mob boss Goto in the process. It was later hinted that Bejo's father was a poor man who made boot polish, which soon become successful to the point where Bejo started his own restaurant.

Soon enough, Bejo established a gangland collusion with drug lord Tama Riyadi and they even harboured a coup against Bangun - so that Bejo could usurp him as the city's newly-established gangland kingpin. This soon ended when Tama's advisor, Andi, double crossed his boss by altering his brother Rama from the S.W.A.T. unit; this in turn led to Rama and his fellow officers perpetuating a raid in Tama's apartment, which caused the deaths of 18 out of the 20 officers who came with Rama along with that of Tama's right-hand man Mad Dog and all of their gang members such as the The Machete Leader. As such, Tama himself was killed by Rama's corrupt superior Lieutenant Wahyu before the latter was later arrested by Rama and subsuqently executed by a policeman working for the police clandestate operations superintendent Bunawar.

After learning of Andi's betrayal and Tama's death, Bejo later has Andi captured before taking him to the fields outside of Jakarta - where Bejo plans to have Andi killed there. Thereupon Bejo begins to tell Andi the history of ambition and on how he himself became lecturing him over his ambitiousness. He then proclaims that Bangun once allowed Tama to be the man who he was, up until Tama had teamed up with Bejo to overthrow Bangun. It soon transpired that Bejo had given Andi a chance of hope months ago - however, when Andi was forced to choose his loyalty between Bangun and Bejo, he chose Bangun in the end; Bejo consequently deemed Andi's choosing of Bangun over him to be the reason why Tama died, thus destroying his collusion with Tama in the process. Bejo then nods to his right-hand man, The Assassin, to walk up to Andi with a shotgun in preparation for Andi's execution. As this happens, Bejo proclaims that the full circle of "Ambition and Limitation" begins once more - thereby disclosing that he will now have to begin a new plan to easily overcome Bangun all over again. Andi begs for his life, but Bejo ignores him and just says "Don't mind me". The Assassin then kills Andi and buries his body in the fields.

Later on, Rama learns of Andi's death; after their funeral, he meets up with Bunawar and the latter reveals that Bejo killed Andi. It is then Rama agrees to go undercover for Bunawar, who has instructed him to investigate Wahyu's corrupt superior Reza and his supposed involvement with both the Bangun and Goto crime families; Rama's objective is to expose Reza's corruption, eliminate Bangun's gangland reign, and to also ensure that Goto is brought down as well - henceforth bringing down organized crime in Jakarta and thus preventing any crime bosses such as Bejo from taking control of it. Bunawar plans to have Rama arrested for assaulting a politican in order to investigate Bangun's son Uco, who is serving time in prison; Rama initially refuses, but later changes his mind when Bunawar informs him that the politican is affilated with Bejo.

Two years later, Rama has successfully earned Uco's trust and goes to meet Baugn in person. When the pair arrive, they see that Bangun is in a meeting with Goto. It thereupon emerges that the meeting is about Bejo, whom Goto feels is posing an uprising threat against them after destroying a criminal group led by Yudi - possibly one of the associates in the Bangun-Goto collusion. Bangun offers to "monitor the situation" and makes a promise to Goto - that if Bejo continues to cause trouble for their criminal truce, then Bangun will take care of Bejo himself. Afterwards, Bangun and Goto shake hands and part ways.

A few days later, Uco recieves a phone call from an unknown person. It is soon revealed that the person who called him was Bejo, who has requested Uco to secrectly meet up with him at his restaurant. There, the two have dinner and Bejo reveals that he plans to instiage a gang war between the Bangun and Goto families; Uco, who is unhappy with his father's mutual partnership with Goto when they're supposed to be competitive gangland rivals, listens on with interest. Bejo then professes that he sees Bangun as a weak businessman whereas Uco is more ambition, before going on to claim Goto is merely using his partnership with Bangun to expand his own reign - as Goto has already got Reza and his corrupt officials associated with him. It soon becomes clear that Bejo plans to convince Uco to partner up with him against his father, but only to ensure that Reza chooses to join forces with Bejo against Goto as well.

To ensure that Uco accepts his offer, Bejo presents him with his old prison inmate Benny and four of their associates in captivity. He then brandishes a knife and giving it to Uco, before saying that it is a "gift" for him to execute Benny and his associates - as they had previously tried to kill Uco in prison. Uco does this by walking up to each captive and slitting their throats. As he makes his way to Benny to execute him as well, Uco asks Bejo how to turn Bangun against Goto in order for their truce to be broken - Bejo suggests that they arrange the death of Bangun's most loyal henchman, and not just a mere foot soldier. Uco takes up this agreement and, after killing Benny in front of an unfazed Bejo, ponders on which of Bangun's most loyal gang members should die; Bejo then reveals that he already has someone in mind - Bangun's loyal assassin Prakoso.

Shortly afterwards, Bejo shakes hands with Uco outside as the latter departs. Unkowablest to them, however, Rama has seem them outside - not long after putting a wire on Uco to investigate his father's supposed connection with Reza. Upon seeing the man who killed his brother, Rama shows nothing but anger towards Bejo as he heads back in the restaurant. Later on, Bejo is seen sitting in his car as a wounded Prakoso is seen after killing all of Bejo's men after spending time with Uco in a strip club, The Assassin then successfully kills the wounded Prakoso. Later on, Uco informs his father of Prakoso's death and claims that Goto is responsible. However, Bangun is unconvinced and - after vowing to protect Prakoso's wife and child - makes it clear to Uco that he will not retaliate against Goto. Furious over his father's decesion, Uco calls Bejo to report that their plan failed before telling him to proceed with his next plan. Bejo then The Assassin along with his two other enforcers, Hammer Girl and her brother Baseball Bat Man, to murder several of Goto's top lieutenants. Bejo is later seen when The Assassin executes his target in the same fields where Andi died. Meanwhile, Baseball Bat Man and Hammer Girl also kill their targets along with Goto's henchmen in the process.

Following these events, the Bangun and Goto families meet up to discuss recent events when both factions come at the risk of going to war with each other. However, Bangun takes responsibility for everything that has happened in order to placate Goto and ensure that their families remain at peace; Uco is left angry that his plan with Bejo has failed again. Upon learning of this, Bejo decides to invade Bangun's headquarters with his gangsters and The Assassin. This happens just as Bangun plans to sell his territory to Goto, when Bejo's forces dispatch Bangun's security before barging in Bangun's office. As Bejo comes face-to-face with Bangun in person, Uco says to his father "forgive me" - thus indirectly revealing his betrayal and secrect collusion with Bejo in the process. Bejo then watches with delight as Uco executes Bangun with a gunshot and then shoots his right-hand man, Eka, in the leg. Bejo then prepares to execute Eka when Rama walks in to see that Bangun is dead and that Bejo has arrived. He fights back his henchmen before kicking the gun away from Bejo, whom Rama attempts to attack when The Assassin invervenes. Rama tells Eka to run, and he does this as Rama fights The Assassin in an attempt to get Bejo; however, he is swiwftly defeated and knocked unconcious. Bejo then ask Uco on what he wants to do about Rama; when Uco makes no response, Bejo orders his his men to take Rama away and have him killed later on.

However, Rama is later rescued by Eka when the latter eliminates all of Bejo's gang assigned to kill Rama offsite. By then, however, Bejo has managed to convince Reza to betray his alliances with the Bangun and Goto families by partering up with him and Uco instead. This is soon discovered by Goto when he learns about Bangun's death, Reza's betrayal, Bejo's coup, and Uco's act of patricide altogether. Moreover, he learns that Bejo has arranged for Reza to meet up at his restaurant for them and Uco to discuss plans on eliminating Goto and his syndicate for good. Furious over this revelation, Goto deems that Bejo is a nobody and demands that he taken care off for good. It is then Goto's advisor, Ryuichi, reveals to him that Bejo has turned Uco against his father and they they've joined forces to takeover the Jakarta criminal underworld - further disclosing that Bejo has become a serious threat now that he has both Reza and Uco on side. When Goto's son Keiichi asks his father what should they do, Goto responds that they will have to start over now that Bangun is dead; Goto thereupon declares war on Bejo and Reza.

That night, Reza meets up with Bejo and Uco to discuss their plans against Goto. During the meel, Uco remains quiet as Bejo conversates with Reza on their plans to takeover once Goto has been eliminated. Then as Reza plans to get Uco's attention, Bejo is told by one of his security that Rama is still alive. Bejo orders to "put the world out" so that Rama would be hunted down, only to be thereupon told that Rama has just broken into his restaurant and his fighting his way towards him. Bejo orders for Rama to be killed and sends The Assassin along with all his gang members, including Hammer-Girl and Baseball Bat Man, to take care of it once and for all. When Reza asks him is everything alright, Bejo assures him to not worry about it. Bejo then begins to continue his conversation with Reza when he accidentally drops his cane on the floor. After cursing out on this, Bejo picks up the cane - during which Uco notices a tattoo on Bejo's wrists; he promptly recognizes the tattoo to be the same that Benny had before the latter was killed. This causes Uco to realize that Bejo had orchestrated the events of Benny's attempt to kill him in prison. And when that failed, Bejo organized an elaborate cover-up to ensure that Uco would not know the truth at the time - during which Bejo decided to manipulate Uco into turning against his father and Goto in order to eliminate the two families. Realizing too late that Bejo had been manipulating him all along, Uco suspects that he and Reza would kill him later on once his usefulness to them is eventually outlived.

Before Uco could react to what he just found out about Bejo, however, the meeting is suddenly interrupted by Rama - as the latter had just killed The Assassin and all of Bejo's henchmen, including Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man, altogether. Rama then dispatchs two of Bejo's guarded security before fighting a third, during which Bejo rushes to retrieve shotguns for him and Reza and Uco to use against Rama. However, when Bejo throws one to Reza before getting another for himself, he doesn't witness Uco grabbing it before shooting Reza dead with it. Attempting to kill Rama with his own shotgun, Bejo accidentally kills his remaining security guard and attempts to shoot Rama unsuccessfully. Rama is able to go into cover as Bejo awaits for him to come out so he can kill him. Bejo then prepares to react when Uco suddenly turns the gun on him and opens fire, shooting Bejo in the leg and then in the shoulder. Bejo collapses onto the floor in pain as Uco walks up to him and drops a wire, which Rama had planted earlier on Uco to investigate him, onto him. Bejo could only watch in horror as Uco loads up his shotgun and prepares to execute him; he is unable to grab the shotgun while laying helpless on the floor and ultimately Uco shoots him at point blank rage, killing Bejo as the latter's face blows up from the gunshot impact - henceforth avenging Andi's death in the process.

Moments later, Uco attempts to kill Rama - only for the latter to end up killing the former instead. In doing so, Rama has avenged all the people that Uco had killed; this includes the deaths of Bejo, Reza, Bangun, Eka, and Benny along with four of his prison friends. Rama then goes to leave Bejo's restaurant, where he finds Goto's gang led by Keiichi and Ryuichi awaiting for their war. When they cross paths, Rama informs them that Bejo is dead and that his empire is destroyed with both Uco and Reza dead as well. At the same time, Bunawar learns of Bejo's death as well.


  • Bejo claimed that his father used to work as a road sweeper as well as a shoe polisher.