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Badiane (known as "Badiyanu" in the English dub) is the main antagonist of the "Sailor Moon Super S" movie (known as "Black Dream Hole" in the English dub). She is the queen of a Dream Castle, where her evil fairies (formerly including Pericle [Peruru]) mesmerized children with pipes to make them disappear from all over the world. Orangeat, Banane and Poupelin (Pupulan) are her evil, remaining fairies who use their flutes to kidnap the children. She does this to increase her titular space figure: the Black Dream Hole, which feeds on the energy of children: the more children, the larger the hole. She plans on doing this to swallow the entire Earth and make everybody stay in dream boxes. She is the only one who cannot be swallowed by the hole because she is a part of it.

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