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En Sabah Nur, also known as the Apocalypse, is one of the two overarching antagonists(alongside Sebastian Shaw) of the X-Men film series, appearing as the overarching antagonist of X-Men: Days of Future Past and the titular main antagonist of X-Men: Apocalypse.

He was the pharaoh of Egypt who was betrayed and entombed by his followers, only to be revived by cultists millennia later. Forming the Horsemen of Apocalypse, he launched a campaign to destroy humanity and came into conflict with the X-Men, who destroyed him.

He is portrayed by Oscar Isaac.


Pharaoh of Egypt

Born as En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse was born in 8000 BC as the first and most powerful mutant in the world. Apocalypse bestowed powers to his Four Horsemen: War, Death, Pestilence and Famine, who would loyally serve him where he would go. Serving as the Pharaoh of Egypt, he would help civilizations rise and then destroy them when they would grow too large.


Apocalypse was taken into his pyramid alongside the Four Horsemen to transfer his consciousness into a new body, but his treacherous followers betrayed him and collapsed the pyramid. The Four Horsemen sacrificed their lives to ensure Apocalypse's consciousness was transferred, and Death formed a shield around him moments before her death to ensure he survived the ordeal.

Re-awakened and Recruiting

Apocalypse was revived by a group of fanatical cultists in 1973 at his entombment place in Cairo. As soon as he awoke, he mercilessly massacred the cultists and made his way onto the streets of Cairo. He witnessed the orphaned thief Ororo Munroe use her mutant powers to repel men chasing after her, but their narrowed her into a corner. Intrigued by her mutant abilities, Apocalypse attempted to communicate with the men to spare her, but they did not understand his old dialect and attacked him. Apocalypse uses side to punch into the necks of most of them, killing them, and melts the last one into a wall. Ororo takes Apocalypse to her house, where he sees her television and absorbs the knowledge from it, learning English and what has happened in the time he has been dormant. He comes to the conclusion that humanity must be destroyed and enhanced Ororo, turning her into Storm/Famine, his first Horseman. Apocalypse and Storm then travel to Berlin seeking the broker Caliban, who knows the whereabouts of other mutants. Caliban refuses too because Apocalypse does not have any money and draws his gun out. Apocalypse disintegrates the gun but Caliban's mutant second-in-command Psylocke holds her sword and psi-katana at his neck. Apocalypse is impressed and enhances her powers, so she becomes his second Horseman Psylocke/Pestilence. Psylocke takes Apocalypse and Storm to the mutant Angel, an underground club-fighter who lost his wings in a fight, and replaces his wings with metal ones and turning him into his third Horseman Archangel/Death. Apocalypse and his Horsemen then travel to a steel factory in Poland where the powerful mutant Magneto(whose powers are almost as high as Apocalypse himself) is confronting his co-workers for causing the death of his family. Apocalypse sinks them into the ground and teleports himself, the Horsemen and Magneto to the ruins of the former concentration camp Auschwitz, where his mother was killed, and motivates him into destroying the place before making him is final Horseman Magneto/War.

Kidnapping Charles Xavier

Magneto is contacted by the telepath Charles Xavier mentally, but Apocalypse senses this and remotely takes control of Xavier's mind, using it to launch Earth's nuclear arsenal into space so the world's militaries cannot use them on him. After he fires the arsenal, the mutant Havok destroys Cerebro, Xavier's mind machine, so Apocalypse and the Horsemen teleport to Xavier's Mansion and confront Xavier and his X-Men. Apocalypse takes Xavier through a portal to Cairo; Havok's failed attempts to blast him before he leaves results in him killing himself in an explosion. Apocalypse then forces Xavier to deliver a message worldwide threatening all of humanity. Unknown to Apocalypse, Xavier also delivers his location to his student Jean Grey. Apocalypse then uses his powers to destroy most of Cairo and constructs his pyramid. He then has Magneto use his powers to control the Earth's magnetic poles, causing mass destruction and casualties around the globe. Apocalypse then reveals he plans to transfer his consciousness into Xavier's body to control his useful powers.

Confronting X-Men and Death

They begin the process inside the pyramid, but Nightcrawler interrupts the process by teleporting Xavier out of the pyramid. As Apocalypse steps out, he sees the X-Men arrive and witnesses Archangel's death at their hands. He angrily calls Archangel useless before he is attacked by Quicksilver, who runs at super speed and repeatedly strikes Apocalypse. He is unharmed and proceeds to trap one of Quicksilver's legs in the ground, before breaking his arm and leg. Psylocke arrives and asks permission to execute Quicksilver, but she instead strikes Apocalypse on the neck. This has no effect, and he realises it is someone masquerading as Psylocke and begins to strangle her. The mutant reveals her true form, Mystique, as Apocalypse bellows for Xavier to confront him. Xavier faces him in the Astral Plane and overpowers him long enough to drop Mystique, who has an inch of her life left, but Apocalypse quickly turns the tables and discovers Xavier's hideout. Magneto reforms himself, realising Apocalypse is pure evil, and unleashes an onslaught of metal on him. Apocalypse forms a shield around him to block the attacks. Cyclops unleashes his optical lasers on Apocalypse, and Beast charges at him. Apocalypse uses his powers to send Beast flying and traps Cyclops in a wall. All of a sudden, Jean Grey arrives and possesses the all-powerful Phoenix Force and unleashes it on Apocalypse, destroying his shield. He is then impaled by Magneto with massive metal shards. He attempts to teleport away but Storm sees her errors and uses lightning to prevent his escape. Storm and Cyclops wound him with their powers; he mutters "All is revealed" before he is completely disintegrated by the Phoenix.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: Apocalypse has immense strength and is the strongest mutant in the world, effortlessly paralysing Quicksilver and choking Mystique with an inch of her life.
  • Superhuman Durability: Apocalypse is highly durable, with Quicksilver's blows having no effect on him, and able to hold off the combined attacks of the Phoenix, Magneto, Cyclops and Storm for a short time.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Apocalypse can heal at quick speeds, shown to heal to Mystique cutting his throat(while disguised as Psylocke) like it was nothing, and would most likely have survived his ordeal with the X-Men had Magneto not impaled him with metal shards, something he cannot remove.
  • Ageless: Apocalypse was able to live for almost 10000 years, although he is not immortal, as shown when he was killed by the Phoenix.
  • Superhuman Speed: Apocalypse can run at incredible speeds, surpassing the likes of Quicksilver, as shown when he trapped the speedster while he was running at sonic speed.
  • Host Power Absorption: Every time Apocalypse has transferred his consciousness, he has kept all of his powers as well as that of his host.
  • Telekinesis: Apocalypse can move and levitate objects at will.
  • Matter Disintegration: Apocalypse can disintegrate objects at will, which was shown when he disintegrated Caliban's gun.
  • Matter Transmutation: Apocalypse can change things at will.
  • Mental Manipulation: Apocalypse is one of the greatest telepaths of all time, easily beating Xavier in the Astral Plane and only surpassed by the Phoenix.
    • Knowledge Absorption: Apocalypse can absorb knowledge at an incredible speed, as shown when he absorbed all the knowledge that has happened in the history of mankind from Storm's television in seconds, as well as how to speak English.
    • Mental Shielding: Apocalypse can block his mind and others from location by other telepaths.
  • Pyrokinetic Barrier: Apocalypse can generate a barrier around himself, powerful enough to block the full powers of the Phoenix, Magneto, Cyclops and Storm for a prolonged amount of time.
  • Teleportation: Apocalypse can teleport himself anywhere in the world at will.
  • Mutant Power Augmentation: Apocalypse can bestow and enhance the powers of mutants, as shown when he did so to his original and new Horsemen.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Apocalypse possesses a genius-level intellect due to living for thousands of years and his power to absorb knowledge.
  • Excellent Strategist: Apocalypse is an excellent strategist, able to take control of Xavier's mind to rid the world of its nuclear arsenal and leading his Horsemen against Apocalypse, and would have won if not for the death of Archangel, the betrayal of Magneto and Storm(who both left him vulnerable to Cyclops and the Phoenix) and Jean Grey turning into the Phoenix.
  • Master Manipulator: Apocalypse was a master at making others agree to his will, as shown when he turned Storm, Psylocke, Archangel and Magneto to his side, as well as convincing the latter to destroy the ruins of Auschwitz.
  • Multilingual: Apocalypse can fluently speak and understand Ancient Egyptian and English.



  • Apocalypse's Armour: Apocalypse wears a magical armour that was disintegrated by the Phoenix during the Battle of Cairo.
  • Consciousness Transfer Altar: Apocalypse used an altar in an attempt to transfer his consciousness in Charles Xavier.