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Aldrich Killian, better known as the Mandarin, is a supporting antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, serving as the main antagonist of Iron-Man 3 and a posthumous antagonist of the one-shot All Hail the King and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

He is an enemy of Iron Man.


Aldrich Killian was a good-hearted soft-spoken scientist who was born disabled, unable to walk. He pursued a career as a dreaming scientist, and on New Year's Eve, 1999, he came across his idol Tony Stark and requested a few moments of his time. Stark told him to meet him on the roof, distracted and drunk, and left. Killian then waited, but Stark never came. This angered and hurt Killian very much, and he became cruel. He allied with Dr. Maya Hansen and created the corrupt A.I.M company, which was funded by the government. With Hansen' serum, Extremis, Killian curd himself of his disabilities and secretly began hiring test subjects. He and Pepper Potts also fell in love, but they eventually went their separate ways. Killian learnt of the Ten Rings, one of the most feared terrorist groups in the world, and their leader, the Mandarin.

He found an actor, Trevor Slattery, and hired him to feign to be the Mandarin on television and carry out false executions. He visited Pepper Potts in her office alongside his right-hand man, Eric Savin, and showed her how Extremis works. However, she refuses to convince Stark to fund his serum, so he leaves. He then sent Jack Taggart, one of the Extremis soldiers, to destroy the TCL Chinese Theatre, so Taggart committed suicide by exploding himself. This also fatally wounded Stark's bodyguard, Happy Hogan, which caused Stark to angry retaliate to the "Mandarin" on television. He then had Savin and the forces of A.I.M attacked Stark's mansion to kill him. They successfully carried out the task, and Killian prepared to make Trevor Slattery declare responsible for these attacks.

Killian later learns that Hansen had warned Stark of his doom and that she and Pepper were hiding in a hotel. He attacked their room. A waiter entered their room, but Killian strangled him to death, and grievously choked Pepper, pushing her into a wall. Hansen said that she helped Stark escape because they needed him alive, and the duo left with Pepper as their hostage. Stark later broke into Killian's mansion to confront him and save Pepper, but he was captured by Savin and brought to Killian who imprisoned him. He revealed he was torturing Pepper with Extremis, and threatened to kill her if Stark did not perfect the serum.

Hansen, realising her ally's evil ways, threatened to kill herself and Killian with an overload of Extremis unless he freed Stark and Pepper, so Killian instead shot her dead. Killian's forces managed to capture James Rhodes, Stark's best friend and the Iron Patriot. Killian attempted to get Rhodes out of the armour so he could use it and kidnap President Matthew Ellis, but Rhodes refused to leave. Killian then began using his Extremis powers and burning the armour with his mouth until it was too much for Rhodes, who jumped out. Rhodes attempted to escape and defeated Savin, but Killian delays him with his fire breath, allowing Savin to knock him unconscious and imprison him.

Killian sent Savin in the Patriot armour to kidnap the President, aided by Vice President Rodriguez who allied with Killian to become president, and the President was brought back, albeit Savin being killed by Stark, who had escaped. Stark and Rhodes later attacked Killian's base with an armada of suits. Killian was blasted away by an explosion, but attacked Stark as he was about to save Potts, and attempted to overburn his suit and kill him, but Stark instead severed his arm off. Stark then rushed to save Potts, but she fell to her death into fire. Killian recovered and angrily charged at Stark, who ducked under Killian and boarded his suit. The two furiously fought, and Killian destroyed Stark's armour, only for the hero to escape into another one.

Stark then grabs Killian and crashes him into a platform. Stark gains the upper hand with his suit's advances, but Killian eventually slices it in half. Stark tried to gather another suit, but it immediately shattered to pieces. Killian jumped towards Stark, who bound Killian in the remains of his suit and had it explode. Killian survived due to his powers, but was heavily scarred.

Alive, he emerged from the flames and prepared to kill Stark, when Pepper, having survived due to her Extremis abilities, threw Killian away with a metal pole before ripping a blaster arm of one of Stark's suit and enraged, threw Killian backwards and chucked a grenade with him, shooting it with her repulsor blast and finally killing the villain.