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Al Capone is the main antagonist of The Untouchables.

He is portrayed by Robert De Niro.

The Untouchables

In 1930, during Prohibition, Capone rules the illegal liquor traffic in Chicago with merciless ferocity, by bumping off anyone who tries to oppose him and corrupt police officers.

Bureau of Prohibition agent Eliot Ness, after trying to frame him in a raid (failed due to the tips that Capone receives by the police officers he pays) decides to form a new team of incorruptibles officers: Irish-American veteran officer Jim Malone, Italian-American recruit George Stone and accountant Oscar Wallace, later known as The Untouchables.

During a Mafia meeting, Capone shows all his ferocity by smashing the head of one of his men with a baseball bat.

After several successes against Capone, which also brings to the seizure of a coded book which could incriminate him, Capone orders his right hand Frank Nitti to kill Wallace and then Malone.

Ness eventually succeeds to take Capone to court for tax evasion and have him convicted; Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison.